Selling Linux to Windows Users

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Wed Dec 10 20:32:41 UTC 2008

Answering Knapp, "Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen at>  said:
> > OK, I have not used MS for many years. What can you kill from my
> > list? 
> The hope.

Maybe there's still some slight hope:

Does NTFS (or any Windows file system) yet have metadata journalling
like Ext3 does?
If not, crash recovery could be something Linux does well that Windows
does not.

Will Windows run on your palmtop?  On your 486?
I think Linux will do so.

I think Windows /does/ run a supercomputer somewhere, doesn't it?
Linux is still the preferred choice to do so.

Multiple desktops, although available through third-party software,
are /not/ something that Windows yet offers.
Linux will run many, many.  Natively.

How about multiple GUIs, from lightweight ones good for remote access
to heavyweights with all the bells and whistles?  Not on Windows yet.  
Linux has 'em by the dozens. (well, maybe not dozens, but then maybe

Can I update not only my OS but all the installed packages at once if
I am a Windows user?  I don't think so but I haven't used a Windows
unit for some time.  Maybe they finally have something?
Linux has that from several different directions. (apt, Yum, Emerge...)

Can one go completely command line if one don't need the GUI when
running Windows in order to save on resources?  Not likely!
Linux is famous for it.

Can we do all administrative tasks from starting and stopping
services to user and group administration to group policy editing to
audit tracking and more from the Windows command line, even if the GUI
still runs?  How about software installation, removal or upgrade from
that Windows command line?
Linux excels at this.

Maybe Windows doesn't do /quite/ all that Linux will yet.

Of course, this doesn't even mention that Linux offers you /almost/ all
the software needed to do /almost/ anything you wish, and that for no
I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for /that/ from Windows!

Cybe R. Wizard
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