aMSN - mic not working.

Keith Powell keith at
Wed Dec 10 20:16:26 UTC 2008

In versions 0.97 and 0.97.2 of aMSN, should the microphone work? I 
can't find a definitive answer on the aMSN site.

With version 0.97, which is in the Ubuntu 8.04.1 repositories, aMSN 
finds my webcam, and incoming sound works (but the microphone 

With version 0.97.2, which is in the Ubuntu 8.10 repositories, it 
doesn't find my webcam (just a black "picture"). Again incoming sound 
works, but the mic doesn't. 

I need to be able to chat with mic and webcam, rather than keyboard 
and webcam, with other users who are using Windows Messenger. So 
programs like Pigin are out.

If someone confirms that "chat" doesn't yet work in aMSN, I will 
abandon the program and use Messenger. :(

If it should work, I'll continue trying. If I succeed, it's goodbye 
XP! :)

Many thanks for any help.


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