Selling Linux to Windows Users

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Dec 10 04:32:21 UTC 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:

> 2008/12/9 Derek Broughton <news at>:
>> Can your 74 year old MIL actually use the extra buttons now?  I have
>> this 5-button mouse because my wife couldn't stop it from doing awful
>> things on Windows - the buttons were set to do SOMETHING by default,
>> but it was not obvious _what_.
> She has no such mouse. I was making the point that end users are not
> going to go google their problems. They will live with them and accept
> that as being the way things are. The system that gives them the least
> problems out of the box is what is best for them.

Well, for at least one user then, a 5-button mouse that actually does 
things is NOT the least problems out of the box...

>> So unless there's some standard for what the extra buttons should do,
>> they're just as useful being initially unmapped as mapped.
> There is: it is printed on the box that the mouse came in.

That's right useful.  I don't have a box...

>>> In any case, KDE is a desktop environment, not an application that
>>> _does_ anything.
>> Not a valid argument.  It's an application just like anything else,
>> and if it runs on Windows, it's only recent.
> What do you do with KDE? Move windows around iExplore does that (not

What does that have to do with anything.  Somebody asked what Free 
applications couldn't run in Windows.  afaik, KDE can't.  The question 
wasn't "what Free apps don't have a Windows counterpart?"

>>> The individual components such as Kate, Kontact, and
>>> Amarok are distinct applications and they can be run on Windows.
>> Not unless KDE runs on Windows...  Kate & Kontact still require the
>> whole kde
>> base.  Amarok only needs kdelibs.
> But there are text editors and PIMs available for Windows too, that do
> everything that Kate and Kontact do.

Again, that wasn't the point. 


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