Selling Linux to Windows Users

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Dec 9 20:41:01 UTC 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:

> 2008/12/9 Derek Broughton <news at>:

>> Mouse buttons?  OK, I admit I've just started using a 5-button mouse
>> with two dead buttons, but I'll be amazed if I can't actually make
>> them do something.
> You can _make_ them work. Can my 74 year old mother in law?

Can your 74 year old MIL actually use the extra buttons now?  I have this 5-button mouse because my wife couldn't stop it from doing awful things on Windows - the buttons were set to do SOMETHING by default, but it was not obvious _what_.

So unless there's some standard for what the extra buttons should do, 
they're just as useful being initially unmapped as mapped.  

>>>>> And those who need those freedoms can use their FOSS programs on
>>>>> Windows. What freedom-giving Linux software does not run on
>>>>> Windows?
>> KDE?

The last time I looked, this was not actually working.  Maybe it is now.  
That's why I made it a question.

> In any case, KDE is a desktop environment, not an application that
> _does_ anything. 

Not a valid argument.  It's an application just like anything else, and 
if it runs on Windows, it's only recent.

> The individual components such as Kate, Kontact, and
> Amarok are distinct applications and they can be run on Windows.
Not unless KDE runs on Windows...  Kate & Kontact still require the whole kde base.  Amarok only needs kdelibs.

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