Selling Linux to Windows Users

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On Tue, 2008-12-09 at 13:57 +0100, Knapp wrote:
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> >> I just learned of this site. It is really cool and comes in a LOT of languages!
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> > If people are happy with Windows, why force them to move to Linux?
> > Linux is not better, it is different. Would you like me to show you
> > why Windows is better?

One of the "seven wonders" of our time, is how MS has succeded in
cheating so many people by selling a product which is so error prone,
and really only worked part of the time - and earning so much money - it
can be compared to selling cars, which stops every hour when running on
the motorway in the middle of peak hour traffic - Version 3.1 is
probably one of the reasons I got a blood stopper and went to hospital
for 10 days *humour*

Well I have not been aware of that until after I experienced linux
(debian and ubuntu).

PLEASE R E S T A R T !!! - why - because the screen is "freezing"!

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