Selling Linux to Windows Users

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Tue Dec 9 15:57:55 UTC 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> 2008/12/9 Robert Holtzman <holtzm at>:
>>> Windows has software for professionals. In my profession, engineering,
>>> what CAD software is available for Linux?
>> It depends on whether 3D modeling is needed.
> 3-D modelling isn't exactly CAD, either. If I am designing a more
> efficient airplane wing, I need CAD. Even if I am developing a press
> for making keys, I need CAD.

Probably because it seems CAD is mutating much like the antivirus 
industry. Antiviruses aren't about viruses any more. They're malware. 
Why? Trojans aren't viruses. Phishing pages aren't viruses. Spyware more 
often than not do not act like traditional viruses. They call themselves 
antivirus, but they're not. They're anti-malware.

CAD software seemed to take it's cue from the flagship AutoCAD...which 
today is a behemoth application that can do everything short of actually 
using a 3D printer to create your finished product. People frown on a 
CAD application that just does...well,...CAD.

At least, that's my observation.

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