geforce fx5200 graphics card

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dwain <dwain.alford at>  said:
> On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 1:36 PM, Carlos Alberto Alves
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> > NoOp wrote:
> > Sorry for my extremely short answer.
> > I found Envy on this page...
> >
> > It is an application for Debian and Ubuntu that detects your video
> > card, setup the proper driver and configure Xserver (xorg.conf). It
> > works for NVidia and ATI drivers. It also has a "uninstall" command
> > and GUI and textual interface. The homepage is self-explanatory.
> thanks for clearing things up.  i took a look at the link and i'm
> running ubuntu 8.10.  it is not a supported operating system.
> cheers,
> dwain

I don't know about 8.10 but for 8.04 envyng(-qt or -gtk) is in the
Universe repos and worked fine for me.

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