Strange Behavior Using Firefox On Web Mail Compose

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Mon Dec 8 21:29:00 UTC 2008

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> --- On Tue, 12/9/08, Chris Mohler <cr33dog at> wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: Strange Behavior Using Firefox On Web Mail Compose
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>> Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 3:15 AM
>> On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 10:28 AM, Leonard Chatagnier
>> <lenc5570 at> wrote:
>>> Note: Possibly related to my post:
>>> "Can't Navigate My LAN Or Ping"
>>> When using compose on ATTYahoo web mail, mostly to the
>> list,I sometimes see the following:
>>> 1. On the screen, the web page and mouse rapidly and
>> violently jumps up and down and must run its course before
>> it stops. This also includes the compose text in its compose
>> widnow. Really ballfing situation.
>>> 2. In one case, the firefox tabs became populated with
>> an ad from filling the page with tabs from that site.
>> The number of tab deleted included was more than one screen
>> page.
>>> 3. In another case, another site did the same thing as
>> item 2 but don't remember its url.
>>> 4. Sometimes the mouse pointer becomes inactive where
>> I can't type, reload or activate anything yet am still
>> connected to the internet.
>>> 5. I lose connection to the internet several times a
>> day possibly related to my leading note above but that main
>> issue has been resolved. I think anyway.
>>> Anyone experienced anything like this? Could this be
>> caused by ATTYahoo, a malicious ad web site, my old Dell
>> PIII or what? What to look for as cause? How to correct?
>> Google found a few related topics but no cause or solution.
>> Any suggestions on what is going on is most welcome.
>>> Thanks for your consederation.
>> Do you have adblock plus installed? I can't live
>> without it:
>> Chris
> Thanks for the tip, Chris. I've used it before but it's not on this
gutsy machine. Perhaps because ATTYahoo warns you that blocking their
ads may
> affect using the service. Don't know for sure as its been awhile. It's
now installed and will give it a shot. Also installed
mozilla-firefox-adblock from the repos. Hope that wasn't a mistake.
> Thanks for the help.
> Leonard Chatagnier
> lenc5570 at
You might also want to look at the NoScript add on.

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