Opening unknown filetypes from Firefox: KDE users please confirm

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Mon Dec 8 20:05:15 UTC 2008

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> Subject: Re: Opening unknown filetypes from Firefox: KDE users please confirm
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> 2008/12/8 Leonard Chatagnier <lenc5570 at>:
> > Well, guess I missed your point then.
> > However,if I understand what your saying correctly,
> the only thing I've ever
> > seen for a file that wouldn't open automatically
> is an "open with"
> > dialog that prety much list all the available programs
> grouped by menu items as
> > seen in either gnome or kde menus.
> Thank you, that is what I wanted to know. Do you get that
> in Kubuntu,
> in Ubuntu with Gnome, and/or in Ubuntu with KDE?
With Ubuntu and kde installed. All I use now.  Have found that Kubuntu is just a little more trouble to use than Ubuntu and I know that shouldn't be.  I also found out that the ubuntu list is more friendlier and more helpful than the Kubuntu list although I suspect many help on both lists.

> In Kubuntu, I am not getting the Open With dialog. I am
> getting the
> File Chooser.
Now I understand but don't know what file chooser is.  Never seen it. No matter though.
> > So, what exactly do you mean by a "file
> chooser"? That's what I can't get my mind
> around.
> The File Chooser is the name of the dialog that lets one
> save a file
> in a location of his choice. It is the same dialog that
> lets one
> choose a file to open. Click File -> Open File and you
> will get the
> file chooser.
> In Kubuntu when Firefox encounters a new file type, the
> user is
> correctly presented with the choice to either open the file
> with an
> application of his choice, or to save the file. If the user
> selects
> Open With he should get the operating system's Open
> With dialog (the
> same dialog that the user gets when right clicking on a
> local file and
> choosing Open With). If the user selects Save As he should
> get the
> File Chooser. In my install (and every Kubuntu install that
> I've
> bothered checking the issue on) the user gets the File
> Chooser no
> matter _which_ option he chooses (Open With or Save As).
Sounds like the file download dialog when you download something from internet. If so, I now know what your talking about and I only get that when downloading files. See my first comment above on why I choose Ubuntu over Kubuntu. You may have better luck with Ubuntu.  Derek is a Kubuntu user I think or a least kde user. Did he offer anything? I haven't followed this thread closely.

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