Opening unknown filetypes from Firefox: KDE users please confirm

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Dec 8 19:27:31 UTC 2008

2008/12/8 Leonard Chatagnier <lenc5570 at>:
> Well, guess I missed your point then.
> However,if I understand what your saying correctly, the only thing I've ever
> seen for a file that wouldn't open automatically is an "open with"
> dialog that prety much list all the available programs grouped by menu items as
> seen in either gnome or kde menus.

Thank you, that is what I wanted to know. Do you get that in Kubuntu,
in Ubuntu with Gnome, and/or in Ubuntu with KDE?

In Kubuntu, I am not getting the Open With dialog. I am getting the
File Chooser.

> So, what exactly do you mean by a "file chooser"? That's what I can't get my mind around.

The File Chooser is the name of the dialog that lets one save a file
in a location of his choice. It is the same dialog that lets one
choose a file to open. Click File -> Open File and you will get the
file chooser.

In Kubuntu when Firefox encounters a new file type, the user is
correctly presented with the choice to either open the file with an
application of his choice, or to save the file. If the user selects
Open With he should get the operating system's Open With dialog (the
same dialog that the user gets when right clicking on a local file and
choosing Open With). If the user selects Save As he should get the
File Chooser. In my install (and every Kubuntu install that I've
bothered checking the issue on) the user gets the File Chooser no
matter _which_ option he chooses (Open With or Save As).

Dotan Cohen


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