Question from a 64-bit newbie (perhaps)

Peter N Spotts pspotts at
Mon Dec 8 14:17:01 UTC 2008


I've just ordered a Dell laptop with 8.04 installed; my trusty
six-year-old Toshiba is headed for a leisurely retirement with
less rigorous demands from my ham radio gear.

The processor on the new machine is the Intel Core 2 Duo. Dumb question:
Am I heading into 64-bit land? I've plugged the chip name into Dr.
Google and have come up with conflicting answers (perhaps because some
sites were old and, at the time, uninformed).

I will be upgrading to 8.10 once the laptop arrives. I want to be sure
I download the correct ISO.

Thanks for any light you can shed...

With best regards,


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