libflashsupport, pulseaudio and hardy

Daniel T Chen crimsun at
Sun Dec 7 19:46:49 UTC 2008

On 12/07/2008 10:51 AM, H.S. wrote:
> It appears that the problem boils down to whether I should have
> libflashsupport installed. I saw a pulseaudio setup page
> which instructs to
> remove this library. However, there are other pulseaudio setup pages
> which suggest that this should be installed.

The gist is as follows:
1) libflashsupport is still necessary in hardy (due to outdated alsa-lib 
and alsa-plugins in hardy);
2) libflashsupport is obsolete in intrepid (obviated by updated alsa-lib 
and alsa-plugins in intrepid).

That said, (1) often produces crashes, so there are PPAs of updated 
(backported) alsa-lib and alsa-plugins for hardy so that you can remove 

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