Opening unknown filetypes from Firefox: KDE users please confirm

Rashkae ubuntu at
Sat Dec 6 16:52:57 UTC 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I have an issue where Firefox asks with which application to open
> unknown file types, however, instead of giving me a list of
> applications to choose from I get the File Chooser dialog. Could
> someone please confirm / deny this issue in Ubuntu, as I use Kubuntu
> and I need to know if this is Kubuntu specific? Thanks.
> Also, if someone is using KDE on Ubuntu (not Kubuntu per se) then
> please confirm / deny this issue with your configuration. Thanks!

Issue?  It's not ideal, I suppose, but you are expected to use the file
chooser to choose the binary you want to execute.

The file type is unknown, therefore there is no list of 'appropriate'

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