iptables stopping samba?

Mark Haney mhaney at ercbroadband.org
Sat Dec 6 01:55:12 UTC 2008

Knute Johnson wrote:
> I've got a funny problem with iptables and samba.  If I stop iptables 
> the smbclient works just fine.  If I enable it, even with 137,138,139 
> and port 445 open for both udp and tcp the smbclient reports;
> Connection to ??? failed (Error NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME)
> Is there another port I need to open?  Any ideas greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,

I believe you've missed port 135. That's the NetBT port (IIRC) and is 
what Windows uses to pass along resource names, hostnames, etc.  Try 
opening that one.  If that doesn't work, i"ll have to check my samba 
setup at the office on Monday.

Mark Haney
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