iptables stopping samba?

Knute Johnson knute2008 at www.knutejohnson.com
Sat Dec 6 01:54:38 UTC 2008

Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
> Knute Johnson wrote:
>> I've got a funny problem with iptables and samba.  
>> If I stop iptables 
> the smbclient works just fine.  If I enable it, 
>> even with 137,138,139 
> and port 445 open 
>> for both udp and tcp 
>> the smbclient reports;
>> Connection to ??? failed (Error 
>> Is there another port I need to open?  Any ideas 
>> greatly appreciated.
> Try lsof apps to see yourself whatever application listening on whatever interface. I think lsof is by default installed in Hardy and Intrepid.
> sudo lsof -P -i -n
> Most of the times - back when I haven't met Easy Firewall Generator (you can use it online from http://easyfwgen.morizot.net/gen/) - I realised it was me making lots of firewall syntax mistakes instead of giving the wrong port numbers.
> Now usually I use Easy Firewall Generator to create near perfect iptables script and left me finetuned any additional rule. It was heavily commented so I guess it live up its name.

I'm not sure what that information is going to do for me.  My problem is 
smbclient can't connect off my computer when the firewall is engaged. 
Every thing else works, browsers, email and ssh.


Knute Johnson
knute2008 at www.knutejohnson.com

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