Automatix Alert! [was: Re: Security]

steve sfreilly at
Fri Dec 5 23:27:27 UTC 2008

Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-12-05 at 18:00 -0500, steve wrote:
>> Really? I dont know, ive been using ubuntu ultimate for close to 3
>> years!  never any problems here. All it is is a fork of ubuntu
> Look, please don't mistake this for an argument (and did you /read/ the
> links I provided?). I just will not help with it, and I consider
> questions about it to ubuntu-users misdirected. I do not run the
> software, how am I supposed to help with it?

oh i know, none intended.  i agree, automatix was horrible, and never
used ultimatix.  its just as easy to obtain codecs the old fashioned
way.  not sure about the guy who packages ultimate if he was involved in
the making of automatix, never had the need to check i guess.  i always
just thought it was nice with all the games included, have a box setup
in the basement for the kids they use it all the time, more than the
xbox believe it or not.

Steve Reilly

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