Printers on the network

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu Dec 4 14:58:44 UTC 2008

Mark Haney wrote:

Quick note...this particular time (it has happened others, but this it 
figures I email the list this time around and this was the issue) the 
printer did indeed error, and I lost some time troubleshooting at the 
computer. I'm still curious what causes it the other times, but this 
*particular* time it was the printer. Sorry if I wasted your time on it...

> Does this only happen with PDFs?  And does it happen every time with 
> PDFs?  Or is that 'occasionally' mean you can print PDFs okay more of 
> the time, but not always?

Not always, PDF's often print okay. Sometimes it seemed to work better 
with Acrobat Reader instead of Evince, so I wondered if it wasn't an 
issue with translating the PDF.

> This sounds like the print driver doesn't like the format of that PDF. 
> I've seen that happen before.  But it's pretty rare to see.

I think in this particular case it is also translating to 
postscript...maybe the translator doesn't like something in it?

> I've had it happen (see above) before, but I have no answers.  I'm 
> curious as to why you think you need to restart after doing updates? 
> Unless it's a kernel update, I typically don't bother restarting until I 
> need to.

This was a kernel update :-)

Side note...Mark Haney, an ISP sysadmin? I had an issue that someone 
suggested I contact you about regarding network it okay to 
email you offlist about it?

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