evolution does not recieves pop mail

Mark Haney mhaney at ercbroadband.org
Wed Dec 3 19:46:31 UTC 2008

Sergey Skorokhodov wrote:
> Hi,
> All in a sudden Evolution stops retrieving pop mail. I can see it
> getting short info from the server, then downloading messages and then
> nothing happens. No new mail in Inbox. I've been looking for some kind
> of logs but failed to find any. All suggestions will be appreciated.

With only the info you've posted, all I can think of is a corrupt 
message sitting on the mail server.  This can block receipt of messages 
(or in some cases make you receive the same message(s) over and over 
again), and I've always just logged into the POP server from the command 
line to delete the first message in the queue.  That usually fixes it.

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