Tips for new users

Knapp magick.crow at
Wed Dec 3 19:24:07 UTC 2008

This idea is only for people that really want to be hard core and
really learn the basics of the system! It is not for someone that just
wants to use a GUI and forget about the rest.

Make a duel boot system and then in the new space install Gentoo. Do
it the hard way from scratch all the way up to a working GUI. On the
way you will learn a lot! Do a stage 1 install for really hardcore or
just a stage 3 to get your feet wet.

Even more hardcore is Linux from Scratch.

If you are not a want-to-be expert don't bother with any of this.
Expect it to take time and lots of learning through lots of mistakes.
This is why I say to have 2 systems. One is your Ubuntu, easy to use
system. The other is your test and mess it up system where you come to
learn how wonder it is that someone made Ubuntu for you.

Douglas E Knapp

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