removing an application

norman norman at
Wed Dec 3 16:33:20 UTC 2008

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> >> Where the files that you found? Synaptic will not remove any files in
> >> the user's home directory associated with ufraw, Only the system files.
> >> Complete removal should remove system config files. removal only will
> >> leave the config files and remove everything else.
> > 
> > Yes, the files found were in the home directory. I did use complete
> > removal so how can I check if all the config files have actually been
> > removed? 
> System wide config files usually live in /etc, however looking at the
> ufraw package, it doesn't install anything there, so I suspect all
> config is local to the user.
> On my system, all I can see in my home directory is a file called
> .ufrawrc, so I'm curious to know what the other files were that you
> found. Could you post some sample file names?

I realise on looking again that most of the files I have been seeing
are, in fact, in a folder ufraw-0.12.1 but there is also ufraw-gimp (a
blue square standing on a corner) and .ufrawrc. Would it be dangerous to
remove these items?


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