Bind - one pc,two ips ,two dns servers

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at
Mon Dec 1 14:09:25 UTC 2008

Hey Res,
> likewise, we had sendmail up front protecting qmail backends, at my last 
> place we had qmail frontends though, was a pain at times
Hahaha, man, that brings back memories. When I first joined the service 
provider, they had sendmail on the frontline mailservers.
>>> like qmail never changed by DJB since 2001, reason why most moved away to
>>> postmix :)
>> Don't tell me you are an exim fanboy and so you have to diss postfix ;-)
> Actually no, a few months ago we dumped the sendmail/qmail setup, Sendmail 
> Inc told us they have no plans at all to introduce MySQL auth, so we 
> moved to postfix, its a much cleaner and efficient setup.
Cor, your team sure stuck with sendmail far longer than I did. The 
service provider had an inhouse sendmail mysql table lookup patch. After 
a year I had to rip that out of the system and put in postfix which had 
conveniently got not just mysql lookup support but also connection 
pooling. This was back in 2003. You've been keeping at sendmail all this 
time? You must have loads of nice hardware. postfix easily handled the 
bounce floods and absorbed spikes in the mail load. You bet it was much 
more efficient than sendmail.
>>> Yes I know, that spam infested place :) or was that before you went to
>>> the service providor?
>> Well that spam infested place is doing everybody a favour by feeding a
>> lot of the commonly used and accurate lists such as rhsbl, spamhaus
>> (indirectly through cbl) with spam sources and therefore indirectly
>> keeping spam out of your mailboxes if you use cbl, spamhaus, rhsbl and
> So they've cleanup up their act now, took em long enough, they've been in 
> my own personal mail servers access lists since '99
Excuse me? I don't remember seeing you on spam-l. Spammers have Outblaze 
marked as their enemy and you come out and say Outblaze has cleaned up 
their act? Please try saying that on spam-l. I want to see how they 
laugh you off the list. Then there is the fact that Outblaze does not do 
bulk mail. I guess you also block Yahoo, Hotmail, Google as well as they 
have way more scammers and scripters than Outblaze can hope to attract. 
Seasoned scammers avoided Outblaze domains because I had active filters 
searching for their accounts with kill on sight set to auto and Suresh 
doing the same for reports that come in for accounts used by 
'processing' accomplices. I hope you have somebody else on your list 
because Outblaze is widely considered whitehat.
>> Good for you! I am now in a school where I have a chance to replace
>> Windows desktops with Linux ones (Promethean, you BETTER DELIVER on
>> Linux Activstudio in January!!!) and hopely setup a video studio and
>> loads more :-D. Oh, I also get to laugh at others who are trying to
>> setup a mail service for maybe 20-25k accounts.
> That's awesome, more death to the redmond vultures, I'll always keep a 
> hand in mail, I expect it to run 110% and I expect my staff to also make 
> sure, mind you, once we moved to postfix, not had a single issue, not 
> had to touch it once, and hope we dont until we need to add more capacity
> to the netapp.
If you ever run into issues, I am sure Wietse and his lieutenants will 
be able work out your problem very quickly or add the necessary code.

Geez...where is Giorgos? I thought he had a problem needing solving?

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