Bind - one pc,two ips ,two dns servers

Rashkae ubuntu at
Mon Dec 1 05:15:55 UTC 2008

Christopher Chan wrote:
>> Please don't feed the trolls.  They become dependant on decent,
>> upstanding people for their survival and when left to their own will
>> either starve to death or become an increasing nuisance to rest of us
>> looking for more.
> What's the matter Rashkae?
> Can't take a little general discussion on the stability of BIND?

I have nothing against a general discussion of Bind.  However, what
parts of the discussion I did read looked like they were more likely to
start measuring in centimeters/inches rather than transactions per second.

> What's to be done on a Ubuntu technical support list that takes general 
> technical questions not related to Ubuntu? Hit sounder?
> Hey Giorgos, it appears your question has nothing Ubuntu specific in it 
> and you have to take it to sounder. Maybe when things are ironed out 
> then you can come back here and ask something like: How do I setup/run 
> two BIND instances on Ubuntu?

Methinks the question was perfectly appropriate here, although, probably
not the best source for very technical discussions of something like bind.

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