banned by ip

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Wed Apr 30 21:06:49 UTC 2008

Arthur wrote:
> i am amazed ! you can't actually stop talking about the topic as if it were
> hacking or hijacking !!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, how about this:

A) quote what you're referring to.  I have absolutely no clue if you're 
going off on me or someone else on the list.

B) actually describe the problem.  When we have trouble we can't 
troubleshoot without help, we give more description than, "Banned by 
ip".  "Any solution?"

You're getting all pissy but still won't give details, and on top of 
that you are getting defensive and belligerent when we have no way of 
divining more information about what exactly you did or are talking about.

Also I've never heard of a site simply blocking you because you have 
more than three trying to get into the web site.  The only innocent 
netizens I've seen ip-banned are due to spamming, and that effects 
email.  I've never run across it in web browsing (close to it are people 
getting errors from Google when Google has reason to believe you're a 
spambot, though).

You haven't even answered questions or elaborated on things like, your 
post insinuating you have a neighbor on your connection (blocking your 
IP because of them).  What, they are using your WiFi?  You actually mean 
your ISP's netblock is being blocked, not your exact IP? A reference to 
your "neighbor" getting blocked then you inherit their IP?  What do you 

So unless you actually give DETAILS, the only common reason I have EVER 
heard of non-spam-related to actually having an operator block your IP 
is because you did something you weren't supposed to be doing.

So, tell us what the situation and symptoms really are, and how your 
network is configured in the first place.  You might get help.  Or keep 
inciting people.  They'll eventually follow your sulky signoff and just 
start "neverminding" you, if they don't killfile your email.

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