About gnome panel menu item height

Santanu Chatterjee thisissantanu at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 12:40:52 UTC 2008

Seems I found the part in gtkrc that actually controls this.
I directly modified the gtkrc file for the theme I am currently
using (Mist). It is this file:

I modified the lines:
style "menuitem"
        ythickness = 2
        xthickness = 2
to this:
style "menuitem"
        ythickness = 0
        xthickness = 0
and found on reloading the theme that the y-padding of the panel
menu items did in fact became small. But that is the smallest I
can get (negative values are not understood).
(But now, as a side effect, the menus that appear on right-clicking
has their menu items too close... well, I guess I will have to settle
for a trade off situation here.)

I will have to search a little more to find out which file I
should add/modify (i.e. .gtkrc, .gtkrc-2.0 or any other)
to change the height of the menu items.


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