About gnome panel menu item height

Shannon McMackin smcmackin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 11:35:03 UTC 2008

Santanu Chatterjee wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 3:00 PM, Mario Vukelic
> <mario.vukelic at dantian.org> wrote:
>>  There will be a menu with these entries
>>       * Add to Panel
>>       * Properties
>>       * Delete this Panel
>>       * New Panel
>>       * Help
>>       * About Panels
>>  Choose the entry, "Properties". Enter any size you want and close.
> Uh.. no. I did not mean this actually. Let me explain. When I click on
> the 'Menu' (the one with the 'Applications', 'Places', and 'System' on them)
> on the gnome-panel, I get a menu with (for the
> Applications menu) things like Accessories, Games, etc. I am
> calling these the 'items' of the Applications menu. The height of
> these items are too much for my taste... for instance, there is quite
> a bit of space above and below the text of say, 'Games' item. I just
> want to remove that space so that I get a sleeker menu.
> Regards,
> Santanu Chatterjee
Different themes control the menu spacing you're seeing.  Unfortunately 
I've never found where that setting is controlled.

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