External NFS-HDD with TCP/IP & USB suggestion

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux i-ubux at synass.net
Wed Apr 23 03:07:00 UTC 2008

Hello Ubuntu HW experts and "external NFS-HDD" users
What brands and models can you recommend ???

I had purchased 2 Hotways HD9-U2LA units and got to learn that they
aren't working with NFS ;-(
Well they have FTP & SMB and can be accessed with TCP/IP and USB !

My idea:
I would like to replace our noisy tower acting as a file server with 
this external NFS-HDD unit connected to our Modem-WL Access Point-Router

Access is only needed from LAN ...
... WAN isn't a topic (yet).

TIA for your hints and suggestions.
Cheers, svobi

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