Hard Drive High Frequency Load / Unload Cycle

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Wed Apr 23 02:10:53 UTC 2008

DigitalPig wrote:
> Hi~ Recently I discovered a strange sound in my IBM Thinkpad Z60m
> laptop. Then I check my hard-drive with smartctl. It seems that my HD
> has a park/unpark movement every 30s. When I issue:
> ,----
> | hdparm -B 255 /dev/sda
> `---- 
> Then the sound disappeared. I am wondering if there is any bug-fix
> for this bug? Any patches of kernel or acpi modules for that? Since it
> seems a bug for a long time. Thanks

I believe the official word is this is not a bug (at least, not a bug of
Ubuntu).  Ubuntu does not modify the power saving defaults of your hard
drive, and so is left at the factory default.

If you search for this on Launchpad, however, there were various methods
and scripts provided that can run the hdparm command when needed (ie,
not only on start-up, but every time your pc wakes from suspend)

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