Thunderbird Getting Started

Jeffrey Tooker Jeffreytooker at
Sun Apr 20 22:35:32 UTC 2008

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> Jeroen T. Bezemer wrote:
> | steve wrote:
> |> did 1024 for pop and 1025 for smptp, and that seems to work, now to
> |> configure the account.
> |
> | create an account
> | pop mailserver= 'localhost'
> | port is [what you decided to make them in the webmail-addon-preference]
> | username is [username]@[webmail of your needs] =complete email-adress,
> | like testname at
> |
> | If you need the SMTP server (when you don't have one of your ISP) use
> | the same kind of settings, only with the SMTP-portnumber
> |
> | Always try to use your own ISP-SMTP server first for fastest delivery.
> |
> |
> well, I gave up with the webmail extension, after all that configuring
> it didnt work, and I found a little blurb on the mozilla site that if
> you live in the usa yahoo will not let you access your mail except
> through the web.  its really not worth the hassle, i use this account
> more anyway.

Steve and Jeron:

I downloaded the Hotmail extension and put it into TB.  When TB looks for a
Hotmail address for me it does not find one.  I checked Hotmail on line and
my mail goes there also.  When I reply from Hotmail the reply is from
Jeffreytooker at  It seems the whole thing is actually going through
Hotmail.  All of my several years of email files are now in TB.  I would
like not to loose my MSN email but I guess it is another step away from MS
and that might be a good thing.  I am retired here and plan to be here for a
long time.  So using my Frontier email address will work.  I will have to go
through the hassle of changing email adress, but it will not kill me.  I
will work my way around it.  

Thanks to all for the help.

Jeffrey Tooker 
Paynes Creek Ca.

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