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Hi Teguh

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Teguh Luntoro <teguhluntoro at> wrote:
> I am a newbie for Ubuntu.
> 1. I noticed that, when I want to install a program using Synaptic, they have to download from the internet.
> Is there any way, I put source program in my local server, so when I use Synaptic, it only need to search at my local server, then install it?
This is a very good thing and a great service. On large infrastructures it might make sense to have a limited repository in some sort of proxy on-site. You on the other hand appear to operate under a more narrow scope. So, you would not like to first create a local repository of many TByte, which need to be updated very, very frequently. I will take the liberty of comparing this to download *all* CNN's daily news before you view a few articles.

> 2. Can Anyone recommend me any open source program which is similar with Visio from Microsoft?
Please ask this question in another thread next time and sorry I am not too familiar with it but what about Dia. If you have a lot of existing files from Visio, then I think you would have to install Visio under Wine because M$ keeps the file properties a "top secret".
I use "GNU Eda Schematic Editor" by the way.
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Carl Friis-hansen

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