Sharing Bookmark with Ubuntu & WIN Firefoxes ?

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Sat Apr 19 03:50:19 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-04-18 at 21:12 -0500, Jack Lydick wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 7:10 PM, SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux
> <i-ubux at> wrote:
>         Hi Jack
>         I know about Google Bar this feature !
>         I do not like this kind of EXTRA status bars always reducing
>         again some
>         screen sizes !!
>         I am very happy with plain FF and some of the really needed
>         extensions !!! ;-D
>         How can I access to my bookmarks if on a another system
>         WITHOUT this
>         Google Bar ???
>         Can I go to a "My Google Bar" Website and acess from there
>         like with "My
>         Foxmark" ??
>         I am using on 3 OS'es and many PC's and Foxmarks solves
>         exactly what I
>         need:
>         Permanent sync'ing when starting and ending the browser
>         sessions:
>         Perfect !
>         Cheers, svobi
> The more I learn about Foxmarks the more I'm thinking I might try it
> out.  Google browser sync does not take up any more real estate.  You
> just go to the Bookmarks tab and they are all there as long as you are
> logged in to the sync program.  They do not have a website to go to in
> order to access your bookmarks.  I like that feature in the event I am
> using a different computer.  
> Thank you all for alerting me to Foxmarks.  I will give it a shot.
> Jack

Hi Jack, 
Thanks for your previous and this feedback !
Discussions like these are eye-openers for possibly better
solutions !! ;-)
I really can recommend you swapping to Foxmarks !!! ;-D

Indeed there are some aspects / points one has to consider or watch:

1) With setting up your Foxmarks account you are asked to setup on
Foxmarks's homepage or anywhere else, i.e. your own website's FTP !?

I didn't really notice this and too wasn't really sure how to setup to
be pointed to my FTP and 
so its on now.

2) Security aspects:
If one uses its personal Foxmarks on a strange system, i.e. from your
friend or relative, and you get to to call your
Bookmarks ...
... some browse and download history plus some cookies are stored on
that strange system !!!

So avoid any delicate transaction then !? ;-)

To be prepared best - Read and study:

Enjoy and have a nice weekend, 
cheers svobi

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