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Owen Townend owen.townend at
Wed Apr 16 09:39:20 UTC 2008

On 16/04/2008, Joseph <ubuntu at> wrote:
> >> Then it begins "Installing system" and it gets to the "Configuring apt"
> >> at 82% and stops.  The "Installing System" window says "Configuring
> apt"
> >> in bold letters above the orange progress bar, and in italics below the
> >> bar, it says "Scanning the mirror..."
> >>
> >> It's just sitting there (about 30 minutes) on this window, and doesn't
> >> seem to be going anywhere, though the hard drive is buzzing and
> >> vibrating.  It didn't take this long on the other computer.
> >>
> >> I trust that this is detailed enough.   <grin>

  I have had this happen to me before also, though this was on a
brand new quad core 4GB ram machine. Earlier in the installation it
runs a dhcp client, then it does this apt-configuration and then later
I'm sure it does another internetish part. I am/was throttled to
64/128kbps dn/up. My solution was to pull the network cable just
during this part of the installation and to configure apt manually later.

After I sent this, I'd gone for a walk.  When I came back about a half hour
> later, it had indeed
> installed.  However, I'm back at the error point where I was before.
> It wouldn't boot from the HD, so I put the disk in and booted in the "Safe
> Mode" which took me to a
> list of choices.  I chose the "Recovery Mode" and here's the errors I get
> in the last couple of
> lines starting with the one that appears correct (lines are as seen on the
> screen):
>         [   34.484528] RAMDISK:  Compressed image found at block 0
>         [   34.493544] invalid compressed format (err=1)
>         [   34.494287] VFS: Cannot open root device
> "UUID=dc6c48c4-cc9b-4851-a668-a132c5
> 9bafbe" or unknown-block(0,0)
>         [   34.494351] Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here
> are the availab
> le partitions:
>         [   34.494414] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount
> root fs on unknown wn-block(0,0)
> _
> OK...   everything is exactly as I see it on the screen.  I hope this too
> is detailed enough.
> Any ideas?

  Again, same issue for me. I re-arranged the boot order in bios and
it fixed it.
For some reason hd0 during installation wasn't hd0 at boot time because there
was another harddrive before it in the boot list.


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