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Tue Apr 15 20:13:41 UTC 2008

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Joseph wrote:
> I haven't gotten assistance yet for this problem, and by the insistence 
> of a few, I will try to be overly detailed in my situation.
> I have an E-machine C2881 on which I'm trying to put Ubuntu 7.1.  This 
> machine is [I believe] a Pentium III and 512 meg ram.  ALso, it has a 
> 10Gb HD.
> I insert the Ubuntu disk and restart the machine.  It comes to the main 
> screen with the "Examples" and "Install" on the desktop.  I clicked 
> "Install" and went through all the hoops and such.
> Then it begins "Installing system" and it gets to the "Configuring apt" 
> at 82% and stops.  The "Installing System" window says "Configuring apt" 
> in bold letters above the orange progress bar, and in italics below the 
> bar, it says "Scanning the mirror..."
> It's just sitting there (about 30 minutes) on this window, and doesn't 
> seem to be going anywhere, though the hard drive is buzzing and 
> vibrating.  It didn't take this long on the other computer.
> I trust that this is detailed enough.   <grin>

Hi Joseph.

I've got an "E-Monster 550" PIII-550 with 512mb RAM here, pretty sure I
used the Alternate CD to install on there.  I've seen that scanning the
mirror message take quite a while on some machines but that does seem
excessive for a PIII.

You might want to test your RAM as well. has a bootable iso you can burn for that purpose.

- -d

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