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Jeff Fisher jeff-fisher at
Tue Apr 15 18:02:08 UTC 2008

I have obviously hit on a point that many users have a strong view on 
(either way). I was hoping Karl A would comment as he seems to see most 
issues from a different angle and you never know, he may have had a 
crazy solution.

Originally, one of my main concerns was newbies trying to follow the 
thread from start to finish - especially as here is one of the first 
calling-points. I've had this type of issue raised with me before with 
newbies perceiving dismissal by guys on the list when, in fact, really 
the guys simply forget that once upon a time they were newbies.

Base example: tell a real newbie he needs a new HDD and he hasn't got a 

The example I quoted seemed to illustrate the stupidity to which things 
were getting - post were both top and bottom at the same time.  H E L L O !
I was interested in following the strand but it was becoming mind-boggling.

I'm pleased there's so many different views on the subject and glad it's 
stimulated some thought. To be honest I didn't think that users had such 
extreme views on the subject - I was expecting a couple of posts, at 
most. I hope I haven't alienated anyone as that was not my intention. I 
thought maybe there's a better way of doing it now there's so many 
posts. Just a thought.

To the dismissives who responded - Tolerance + Thought = Understanding 
(and at the end of the day, why bother?)

Warmest Regards
Jeff Fisher

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