Browser set up.

Wade Smart wadesmart at
Tue Apr 15 15:51:44 UTC 2008

Walter wrote:
> I have a problem that has bugged me for a while needs sorting out.
> I  have trouble viewing certain websites. I have Ubuntu 7.10, 8.04B and 
> have tried a variety of Linux OS, and different browsers.
> I cannot view my own website, my ISP and a bank, 
> Most other sites and banks are OK .
> Also others don't seem to have this trouble in their Linux setup.  F/F 2 
> & 3 have no trouble with any of these site in 'XP'.
> It seems the problem is the typical setup and difficult sites.
> My spec here is reasonable, 2GB memory, Amd 3200XP, adsl usually about 4 
> Mb down 0.4 Mb up. I have 3 others systems running a lesser specs, all 
> with the same trouble.
> My own page, hosted by, starts to 
> download the top adverts header,(not mine) but then sticks and gets no 
> further. The difficult header is not my inclusion but a penalty of a 
> free webserver! 
> Synaptic tells me I have:
> 'flashplugin-nonfree,(the description mentions Adobe)
> 'sun-java6 plug in'
> Adobe flashplayer_9_linux.
> (no Php(?) is installed )
> Are there any other plugins/libs I should have?
> Suggestions from this group would be appreciated.

04152008 1051 GMT-6

I accessed your site just find. I can see the Orange banner at the top though.


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