Gutsy unstable

Kenneth P. Turvey kt-usenet at
Thu Apr 10 13:14:26 UTC 2008

I upgraded from Feisty to Gutsy a few weeks ago and to be honest I've 
been a bit disappointed.  Feisty seems to have had pretty much everything 
that Gutsy does and it was more stable than Gutsy.  

Gutsy dies for me every few days.  It seems to be related to network 
use.  If I have Azureus spinning around doing uploading and downloading 
then my system will probably only continue running for maybe 24 hours.  

Eventually the wireless network connection is dropped and everything else 
quits working.  Most programs cannot be started, some cannot be killed.  
If you are lucky enough to have a terminal running and able to run "ps" 
you find that there are numerous zombie processes.  If you kill X that 
doesn't help.  Shutting down doesn't bring the system all the way down, 
and results in you having to do a hard reset...  all of this is assuming 
you can bring up the shutdown dialog. 

I've been watching for messages on this issue and I haven't seen any.  
There don't seem to be any related updates coming across the wire.  Am I 
the only one experiencing these problems with Gutsy? 

Kenneth P. Turvey <kt-usenet at>I

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