gFTP and files

Joseph ubuntu at
Wed Apr 9 15:25:58 UTC 2008

Scott Sweeny wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 11:08 AM, Joseph <ubuntu at> wrote:
>>  I use gFTP for my upload program, however, I've found a couple of things
>>  I do not quite understand.
>>  First, I can create an html file in my Bluefish, and save the file as
>>  myfile.html.  I can look in the "File Browser" and it has "myfile.html"
>>  which is good.
>>  However, when I get out the gFTP and look into the folder, I find the
>>  following:
>>        myfile.html
>>        myfile.html~
>>  This implies that there are two files.  I only want to upload what I've
>>  saved.  I don't think I can upload multiple files without taking these
>>  with the "~" in it.
>>  What are they, and how can I rid myself of them?   (unless they are
>>  important)
>>  Secondly, how can I get the program to remember the last local address,
>>  and the to remember my log on information for the website (online)?  It
>>  remember my username and server, but not the password.  I'm the only one
>>  to use this machine....   so I tend to feel safe with the site.
>>  Joseph
> The file with the ~ is a backup file created by bluefish.  You can
> prevent it from being created by going into the preferences and
> unticking "Create backup file on save".
> Cheers,
> ~Scott

Thank you, Scott....   I think that did it.  I'll learn these things yet....


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