Best LiveCD/DVD Customization Method?

sleepyvulva at sleepyvulva at
Fri Apr 4 10:52:17 UTC 2008

I'm looking to backup my current Ubuntu install and make a LiveDVD and a
stripped down LiveCD, what is he best LiveCD/DVD Customization method
available for Ubuntu? I'm not interested in hearing from invididual
developers of solutions who may have a baised opinion in favor of their
own creation, I'd like to hear from users who have discovered the best
method for them. I wish to backup all of my ~/. directory so all of my
user customization features are retained for use on the LiveCD/DVD. I've
heard of remastersys, reconstructor, and another one with three letters,
was it UCK?

Which is the best and why? Thanks

P.S. I have said in another thread I'm using remastersys, but I'm option
to other suggestions/options!

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