using zeroconf/avahi/whatever to attach computers

Matt Price matt.price at
Fri Sep 28 19:45:44 UTC 2007

hi folks,

i'm installing ubuntu on a new laptop (well, a friend's old laptop)
andwant to sync a bunch of stuff from my old laptop to this one.  Both
will be running gutsy.  I know there was a lot of talk a release or so
ago about zeroconf and avahi, and how they would make it really easy to
share information from one machine to another.  

What I want is one ofhte following:

1) cat a cat5 cable, plug it into the ethernet jack on one computer,
plug the other end into the other computer, and have the two computers
instantlyrecognize each other and allow or negotiate some kind of file

2) do something similar wirelessly -- that is, make a tiny ad hoc

3) failing those, connet both laptops through the wireless router in my
home network, have the computers reognize and navigate to each other,
and allow sharing to go on that way.

if those fail, i can just figure out the ip addresses and ssh in, i
guess, but i'd like to do it more elegantly if poss.  thanks,


Matt Price
History Dept
University of Toronto
matt.price at
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