Need help getting install to work

Bert Deferme bdeferme at
Thu Sep 27 06:24:20 UTC 2007

On Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 03:11:23AM +0000, John Evans wrote:

First, let me ask you to mail in plain text next time, html is not
needed here ;-)

>    Obviously it's a hard disk problem, but not sure how to resolve.
>    thanks in advance
>    -John

I wouldn't be to sure about that, my guess is that it's either a cd
problem, or a problem with your cdrom-device. Harddisks are numbered.
The first disk in your pc/laptop being /dev/hdA, the second /dev/hdB,
... Partitions are marked with a number, so /dev/hda2 for example is the
second partition on your first disk. The error exists on /dev/hdc which
is probably your cdrom-device. Have you tried googling on the error


Bert Deferme

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