Samsung 19inch 931CW - ubuntu looks fuzzy

Gilles Gravier Gilles at
Tue Sep 25 13:53:02 UTC 2007

xdpyinfo will tell you at which resolution your X server is running.

If you are running at a lower resolution than your monitor, the monitor 
will extrapolate to fill the screen... possibly looking fuzzy.

Check also on your display status what resolution it is running at 
(buttons on the display should lead to displaying that info somewhere).


Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> Hi all
> Just yesterday replaced my monitor with the above samsung, the other  
> LCD monitor went out with a bang (literally), tripping the fuses with  
> it. Anyway, got this new samsung, looks gorgeous n sleek, ran dpkg- 
> reconfigure xserver-xorg and made sure I got the optimum resolution.  
> Can't remember off the top of my head, anyhoo if I now go to  
> prefernces and screen resolutions it says it is selected. I don't  
> believe it thought, everything looks like it has been scaled up from  
> a lower resolution, the writing is hard to read and everything is out  
> of focus. I am hoping someone might be able to say how to fix this,  
> please?
> Best regards
> Gabriel Dragffy

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