Cannot run Clamav

Graham Watkins at
Tue Sep 25 13:23:42 UTC 2007

Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> Actually, I don't usually bother with most AV anymore...99% of what's 
> out there is mail-borne, and I am blocking executable files by extension 
> on the mail server.  I run Linux without Windows API auto-launching 
> applications so that's not a problem for me, and my wife uses a Mac. 
> Also the line has been completely blurred among malware, trojans, 
> viruses, worms, and just plain stupid phishing's 
> "malware" is trying mainly to turn your computer into a spam zombie, not 
> kill your system.
> Clam should not refuse to run just because the binary out-of-date, as 
> long as the database files are up to date.  I know it'll give warnings 
> about binaries and functionality, though.  Idon't know if you still have 
> it, but do you have the error message?
Sorry, I've uninstalled that version and managed to get the up to date 
source version to install.
Consequently I'm not getting that message any more.  It shouldn't refuse 
to run because it's out of date but it appears to do just that.


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