Cannot run Clamav

Graham Watkins at
Tue Sep 25 13:05:40 UTC 2007

Markus Schönhaber wrote:
> Graham Watkins wrote:
>> I first installed the version shown under Synaptic Package Manager but 
>> whenever I  tried to run it I was informed that this version was out of 
>> date and so far as I could tell that was the end of the exercise.
> End of the exercise? Why? What was the actual problem besides clamav
> informing you of the availability of a newer upstream release?
> There even might be a newer version in the backports-repository for your
> Ubuntu version.
Nope. It was telling me that the program itself was out of date and then 
refusing to run.  I'm sure of this because I used the verbose option
> You need to install the required development tools and libraries.
> Installing build-essential might be a useful first step.
> Regards
>   mks
I think I've cracked it! A bit of googling showed a requirement for zlib 
and zlib-devel.  Installed these and ./configure, make and make-install 
went ahead with no fatal warnings.

I'll let you know if it works.


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