Setting font sizes without a session manager

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User specified fonts

Fonts are no longer loaded based on the theme. You specify your fonts
through the configuration file instead.
The default configuration has fonts set up in it, which you can
modify. If you'd like to use your old configuration, the new version
of ObConf can set these for you or you can edit your configuration
file by hand.

There are 5 different fonts used by Openbox: ActiveWindow,
InactiveWindow, MenuHeader (for the new menu headers), MenuItem, and
OnScreenDisplay (for the various dialogs Openbox displays such as
window cycling).

An example to set a font is:
  <font place="ActiveWindow">

You need one section like this for each of the above listed fonts,
with the place field changed appropriately. See the configuration
section for the details of these configuration options.

On 9/22/07, Peter N Spotts <pspotts at> wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm running Xubuntu without GDM and find that when I use Xfce4 and its
> session manager, I can set font sized using the "User Interface" dialog.
> But when I shift to Openbox, the display fonts in menu bars and in a
> program's display seem to default to a particular size -- larger than
> the one I've set in Xfce4. How can I shrink the fonts that appear when I
> use openbox (or some other non-session managing window manager)?
> With best regards,
> Pete
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