Install problem Brother 2040 printer

Patton Echols p.echols at
Sat Sep 22 06:41:59 UTC 2007

On 09/21/2007 07:57 PM, miner wrote:
> I am following instructions from the Brother website for the 2040 
> printer and I believe it is installed
> as G Debi Package Installer detects the installation recognizing the 
> Brother 2040 LPR driver. However the computer does not detect the printer.
Well, I am certainly no expert, but I started poking around since I have 
a couple of brother printers that don't work quite right.

I think that the CUPS printing system is installed by default, in 
Ubuntu, not LPR.  If that is right, then you may need to install a cups 
wrapper driver after having installed the LPR driver.  Read here:

> Once installed the instructions for USB users state;
> *Ensure that the :lp line reads as follows; :lp=usb/lp0*
> Where do I find this :lp line?

Umm, where did you find this instruction?  It is very unusual to find an 
instruction that does not, at some point tell what file you are looking 
> At the end I am supposed to enter; */etc/init.dlpd restart* but the 
> command is not recognized.

That is going to be " /etc/init.d/lpd restart"  note the missing slash 
mark.  But if you do not have an LPR type printer system installed (ie: 
you have CUPS) then I don't think it will work anyway.  I looked in my 
?etc/init.d/ directory and there is no file "lpd".  However I do have a 
file "cupsys" which is a script to stop, start, restart or get the 
status of the cups system.  My guess is that's what you have too.

If I'm right, then I think you are half way there.  Now that you have 
the LPR driver installed, you install the CUPS wrapper for your 2040, 
then probably restart CUPS using this command:  /etc/init.d/cupsys restart

But PLEASE note, this is an educated guess.  I have not tried it myself 
yet.  Read that brother page and note that they have a link for help on 
the page too.

Post back and let us kn ow how it goes.

> Any help greatly appreciated.

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