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Fri Sep 21 03:06:58 UTC 2007

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Jose Manuel Gaspar Martins wrote:
> /
> /I'm having a problem running ubuntu from live cd
> ubuntu-6.06.1-desktop-i386.iso
> (checked md5)
> on a hp omnibook xe3 with windows 2000 sp4:
> screen gets blank after initial processing/ loading/ instaling,
> looks normal to me until it gets blank.
> my guess is that the pc doesn't have enough ram: only 130 KB available...
> is there an ubuntu version less demanding in terms of ram?
> thanks in advance
> Jose Martins
> //
Yes, the "Alternate CD" will allow you to install in text mode on
low-memory systems.  I'm going to assume that you meant 130 MB, since
there's no way Windows 2000 would run on 130 KB....

Anyway, you can get it from,
just make sure to check the box at the bottom for "Check here if you
need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD,
instead it uses a text-based installer."

Also see and  You may
consider using Xubuntu (with the XFCE desktop) instead.
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