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Thu Sep 20 16:43:51 UTC 2007

Wulfy wrote:

> While this is true, I have yet to see any e-mail malware attachments 
> that can run in a Linux environment.  They all seem to be aimed at 
> Windows. 
> Have I just been lucky?  Have you seen any Linux malware?  While it 
> *could* exist, *I* have never seen any, though I've only been using 
> Linux since Sarge was Debian Testing,,,

    Yeah, there are too many differences in Linux to make it an easy 
target for the bot net. Too many people whose account becomes 'root', 
too many types of firewalls, different login names, and the whole thing. 
Since it's not all the same install, it's just going to be tougher.

    But it burns my ass how, when XP comes out, it has holes....holes 
that aren't blocked by the service pack, but exchanged. And before they 
can get updated, there are already attempts on those ports. Then comes 
Service Pack 2, where we exchange open ports again.

    And this is key: with *all* open source code made available to 
anyone with a pulse, no stable of viruses exist, just the occasional 
problem that's swatted down pretty quickly.  And on the other side of 
town we have code protected like the Coca-Cola recipe, and there are 
more than a million different viruses, which increase about 10-20,000 
each month.

    Somehow, I tend to draw the conclusion how it's not the product, but 
the management of that product.  Why one EARTH would anyone use Windows 
if there's a choice?  (Expensive, turf-holding applications 
notwithstanding).  And did we completely forget about the $100,000 
liability it permits, when the BSA gets a call from a disgruntled employee?

   No, you're in Linux now; the circus is over there. When something 
breaks here, it's because it's *broken* not because you haven't paid 
enough.  Read the security primers, keep your machines updated, and try 
not to do anything stupid. (Here, it's a level playing field.)

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