Wulfy wulfmann at
Thu Sep 20 16:25:38 UTC 2007

Markus Schönhaber wrote:
> Especially: installing all security patches doesn't prevent you from
> clicking on the attachment sent to you via email by some "friendly" guy
> who tells you something like "Look! I attached a little program that
> displays a slideshow of nude pics of [insert your favorite celebrity
> here]. You MUST SEE!!!!".
> If you execute malware, it has the right to do everything you're allowed
>  to - like deleting your data, adding a call to start a keylogger to
> your ~/.bashrc etc. - regardless whether or not the system is up-to-date.
> It's every user's own responsibility to keep his fingers under control.
While this is true, I have yet to see any e-mail malware attachments 
that can run in a Linux environment.  They all seem to be aimed at 

Have I just been lucky?  Have you seen any Linux malware?  While it 
*could* exist, *I* have never seen any, though I've only been using 
Linux since Sarge was Debian Testing,,,



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