Computer won't restart if turn off!

megan meggalen at
Tue Sep 18 18:38:06 UTC 2007

Thank you for your answer but how do I check it with memtest86? I tried
in the terminal it didn't do anything. Could you be more explicit
please. I am completely new to Ubuntu and have still some trouble to
understand when it's not precise enough
Thank you

On Tue, 2007-09-18 at 20:28 +0200, Marc Rios wrote:
> What you says seems to be hardware problem... try to check it with
> memtest86...
> 2007/9/18, megan <meggalen at>:
>         Hi,
>         A big thanks to those who helped me with my synaptic packages
>         manager
>         sources troubles, and yes I have been able to configure
>         evolution after
>         I changed my email address.
>         A little more than one month ago I installed Ubuntu 6.10 on a
>         HP
>         Pavilion a520n, from a dvd in dual booting with Windows XP. I
>         don't know
>         if it did it the first time (I almost never shut off my
>         computer)  or
>         later, but when I shut off my computer I couldn't turn it back
>         on. There 
>         was no more power. If I unplugged it and plugged it back a few
>         minutes
>         later that worked the three first time and I had been able to
>         turn it
>         on. After the third time it didn't turn on at all, no more
>         power in the 
>         computer. I thought I had a windows virus and I changed the
>         hard drive.
>         The power came back. Then, I changed my computer of location
>         and had to
>         change the power supply, it turned on ok. Now if I turned my
>         computer 
>         off again it does the same thing I have to unplug it to have
>         the power
>         on. Does anybody knows why my computer is doing that? Did I
>         configure
>         something wrong somewhere or is it a problem with the computer
>         itself? 
>         Your help would be appreciated
>         Thank you
>         Megan
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