FIXED: Re: Error in the terminal trying to fix an error with synaptic Manager

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at
Mon Sep 17 16:40:38 UTC 2007


I cc'ed the list again, so that others can see that it worked and maybe

On Mon, 2007-09-17 at 09:01 -0700, ashley benton wrote:
> Hi, and thank you for your answers.
> I deleted the sources.list.d and then copied the files that you send. 

> After I did sudo chown root.root /etc/apt/sources.list then

> sudo chmod 644 /etc/apt/sources.list. After I did the update and upgrade.

> Finally I opened synaptic package manager and reload. Everything came

> back OK with no error message. I copied what was in the terminal so

> you can see it if you want, but thank you very much.

Thanks for copying your terminal output, it is indeed good to see that
everything went ok -- and it did.

> For /var/log/message
> I went to copy one of the messages which is following but I think that

> has nothing to do with email messages, just computer working.
> Sep 17 11:11:25 meg-desktop kernel: [17437401.308000] Inbound IN=eth0  (...)
Yeah, that was just firewall logging.

> I use the book beginning Ubuntu Linux from Keir Thomas to try to understand

> how everything is working and I certainly misunderstood open and read

> the email with the terminal with open the program to do it from the terminal.
> I still don't know how to be able to use my mail with evolution and am unable

> to configure it.

I don't know the book, but kudos to you for learning!

Regarding Evolution, what exactly is the problem you see? In general,
when you open Evolution, a "wizard" should start that guides you through
the setup. When you do a "normal" home user setup, you will need POP or
IMAP access to the mailbox that is located on your email provider's
server. You will also need the name of the provider's SMTP server to
send your email  to. Both POP/IMAP and SMTP server should be listed
somewhere in the provider's instruction, along with a few details
(whether to use TLS, whether Evolution needs to authenticate when
sending, and similar). Else, you just need your access credentials
(login name, password). 
For example, these are the instructions for using Evolution with Google
Maybe it helps, your setup is probably be pretty similar.

Please open a new thread if you have further Evolution questions, it
keeps things orderly in the list archive :)


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