[opensuse] vote on Lenovo

James Takac p3nndrag0n at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 11:14:51 UTC 2007

On Sunday 16 September 2007 20:53:18 Wulfy wrote:
> Mario Vukelic wrote:
> > The option "Anyone that refuses to carry binary-only drivers, so that
> > all others will also benefit, as it will require documented hardware"
> > was added by a guest, and it's the only sensible option to choose.
> So you are suggesting;
> We buy the hardware (company makes profit).
> We don't use the drivers they provide (no hardware acceleration).
> They open source their drivers and hardware specs (exactly WHY would
> they do that?).
> They've already made their profit.  The drivers are given away free...
> if we choose to cripple our machines, how is that hurting them?
> Idealistic, yes.  "Sensible"? Hardly.
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Hi Wulfy

Alas, idealism and realism seldom go hand in hand.

You make an excellent point. As they parcel the driver off with the hardware, 
then not using the driver does nothing to deter the hardware manufacturer 
from bundling it with the hardware. As you said, their profit is already made 
and they're in business to make a profit. 

However the argument also cuts the other way. If the hardware manufacturer is 
made aware of a growing market for their product that doesn't use the bundled 
drivers and indeed is in need of another driver (e.g. linux vs windows 
driver), then it's obviously in their best interests to accomodate these 
alternate users. Just like microsoft (by whatever name you like to call them) 
profits from the sale of ready built pc's bundled with windows even if we 
don't want windows. Yes, those of us able or comfortable with the idea will 
simply build our own or seek those who offer us a choice. And choice is 
something that is being increasingly asked of from retailers these days ;)


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